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Freon is a trade name for a chemical envented by Dupont 70+ years ago to replace dangerous, poisonous or explosive gasses used for refrigeration. The chemical is the famous CFC. Comonly called R-12, however, there are many other refrigerants (like R-11, R-502). These chemicals were pulled out of production in 1995 due to environmental concerns. The actual environmental impact of CFCs has yet to be determined.
MY air conditioner broke and there goes my expensive freon
by ME September 08, 2004
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A chemical that can be inhaled, makes you retarded (The intoxicated retarded, not mentally). Usually put into balloons and inhaled. Has a sort of sweet taste. Only lasts around 30 seconds, sometimes you will feel a little something for a couple minutes. Also can give you the "wah wahs"
"Why is he staring at the wall laughing his ass off?"
"He just inhaled a whole balloon of freon..."
by XpS February 24, 2005
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