a non-taboo replacement for fuck. (tv series, 'Farscape')

note: rarely used in the sense, "to engage in sexual intercourse".
- we're all frelled.
- what the frell?
- frell!
by jh January 3, 2004
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swear-word invented for use in the Farscape series - usually as an adjective, "frelling".
I can't get the frelling spaceship to take off cos there's a frelling alien glued to the frelling ignition pipeline and because of this the frelling engine room is a total pile of frell.
by Andy April 18, 2004
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An unofficial swear word used in place of pretty much any actual swear word. used on the "Farscape" tv series.
you frelling piece of....
go to frell
We are so frelled.
by joe October 13, 2004
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frell you.
what the frell.
(once)bull frell
by jcrt November 30, 2007
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A word used in the place of "Fuck" when there are adults present. Taken from the show Farscape.
"You want me to what? Frell you!"
by Zekk October 19, 2003
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an alternative to using the word "fuck"
what the frell?
you frelling bastard
shut the frell up
frelling - a
by professor chaos May 23, 2003
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Synonym for fuck. Same meaning, but without criminal connotations of For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge.
What the frell?
I'd love to frell her.
Frell! Is there anything you can't frell up?
by carrie August 22, 2003
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