A Freeman (who can also be a woman) is a conservative working-or middle-class American individual who drinks domestic beer, likes to fish and hunt and enjoys football, baseball and NASCAR. A Freeman will often display a disproportionate amount of pride relative to his or her social and economic status. This pride often manifests itself as a penchant for big vehicles with large wheels which gives the impression to the Freeman that he or she is "riding high" or intimidating to everybody on the road who is driving smaller vehicles. Many Freemen harbor the paranoid suspicion that the government wants to confiscate their firearms so they will bumper sticker their cars with placards that read, "You can pry my gun from my cold dead hands." Freemen comprise the majority of patronage for many US companies like WalMart and McDonald's and are the largest contributors to state and Indian reservation gambling enterprises across the country. Ninety percent of white prison inmates are Freemen and 9 out of 10 country albums are purchased by Freemen (the other 1 out of 10 country albums are purchased by music critics who then sell or donate that country music album to a secondhand music-or book-store). While often parodied on TV (SNL's skit "Appalachian ER," for instance) and in larger sophisticated cities like Boston and L.A., Freemen are widely respected in most parts of Middle America where they are viewed as a type of vital backbone to the nation. Without Freemen WalMarts would be hard pressed to find cashiers, the truck driving industry would grind to a halt and practically every casino outside of Las Vegas and Atlantic City would have to file for bankruptcy.
-The skit Appalachian ER on SNL is offensive to Freemen everywhere.
-Why do you care? You're not a Freeman.
-I know, but my dad is a Freeman. He likes Johnny Cash, smokes Marlboros and drives a Ford F-150.

I'm proud to be an American! I'm a Freeman!
by Nite of Nat September 29, 2007
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The act of striking your girlfriend in the face, then attempting to push her into a fire
My sister acquired a restraining order against a young boy who then proceeded to go freeman on her ass.
by Jack Inurface May 15, 2008
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someone who never shows their cards in poker win or lose the hand
guy 1: are you gonna show us your cards
guy2: not a chance
guy 3: your such a god damn freeman
by roger gaffney November 28, 2007
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never showing your cards in texas hold 'em or five card stud
Guy1: show us what you got?
Guy2: no way man
Guy1: Dont be such a damn Freeman
by Patrick E O Sullivan November 22, 2007
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The process or act of never showing your cards in poker, win or lose the hand
Guy1: Hey what you have?
Guy2: Im not showing Cuz
Guy1: Come on man, dont be such a Freeman
by Eoin O Tinkerbell November 18, 2007
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