The true definition of freak nasty is to be sexually uninhibited. It is not being afraid to enjoy sex and tryn new things. This person can be female or male, mrried or single... It doesnt mean Ur a hoe or a skank. Just means Ur not afraid to get Ur FREAK on.
person 1: I want U to spank me with a paddle then tie me up and fuck the shit outta me.

person 2: Hell Yeah! That's freak nasty!
by Dedi October 2, 2007
describing something vulgar or exceeding the norm of acceptable nasty content.
"dude, did you see the wedgie on that fat chick?"
"yeah, that was freak nasty"
by StephanieSheets July 16, 2005
Freak nasty is defined as the state of being extremely horny and willing to do anything.
Sully: Sure baby, I'll camcord you while you lick that.
Vivian: Really? Why?
Sully: Because I'm feelin freak nasty!
by Staten Island Sully May 27, 2005
applicable to both genders, but generally spoken in reference to women.
Implies blatant, unhindered sexuality, and an undertone of kinkiness.
Dude... she's freak-nasty!!
by A. Jang September 14, 2003
JAO , a person who does Freaky Acts , thinks Dirty and is Secretive .
Jiana went to "do something" for this Boy that she has recently danced very Povocative w| but denys Being a Freak Nasty
by DanniBell143 November 21, 2009
what type of freak nasty shit!?
by Starnalz September 23, 2018