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a Jiana is someone who seems quiet and innocent at first. When you meet her, she will either be really shy or really loud. A lot of people think of her to be immature and noisy, but the truth is, she is a diamond just the way she is. She tends to talk a lot with her friends and laugh at the most random things. She enjoys singing, drawing, and of course laughing as if no one sees her. There are a couple of boys that like her and she may like them back, but she usually waits for them to make the first move before she makes the next. If you ever encounter a Jiana in your life, make sure to hold on to her and never let her go. She is going to be that sparkling gem of positivity and smiles.
Friend 1:Who's that pretty girl there?
Friend 2: The one that keeps on laughing?
Friend 1: ahuh
Friend 3: That's Jiana!
by IAmHeadPhonesLol February 19, 2019
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Known for their sneakiness, Jia Nas often go around ruining their friends' reputations. They take pleasure doing so and are constantly on the hunt for sugar relatives
by Uejduwi8773 March 14, 2018
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