a Jiana is someone who seems quiet and innocent at first. When you meet her, she will either be really shy or really loud. A lot of people think of her to be immature and noisy, but the truth is, she is a diamond just the way she is. She tends to talk a lot with her friends and laugh at the most random things. She enjoys singing, drawing, and of course laughing as if no one sees her. There are a couple of boys that like her and she may like them back, but she usually waits for them to make the first move before she makes the next. If you ever encounter a Jiana in your life, make sure to hold on to her and never let her go. She is going to be that sparkling gem of positivity and smiles.
Friend 1:Who's that pretty girl there?
Friend 2: The one that keeps on laughing?
Friend 1: ahuh
Friend 3: That's Jiana!
by IAmHeadPhonesLol February 19, 2019
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Jiana is a very nice friend, she could make her friends laugh no matter what. She’s also a very good listener! She will listen to your problems whenever you need someone to lean to.
#friend 1: she’s always there to listen to my problems
#friend 2: that’s because she’s Jiana!
by keikeidence28 December 31, 2021
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Jiana as a girl's name is of Greek and Hebrew origin meaning "God is gracious". She embodies everything that is sexy and all things of which is considered desirable, pleasurable, and sexual... She encompasses all.. she’s a unique girl with a intoxicating candy sweet skin, full-lips, curvaceous hips, sexy body, entrancing silky warm voice, eyes which could cause flames in the hearts of men, and hair that fingers would get lost in.... She can and will make any man fall down to their knees and submit to her.
Person 1 : Hey do you remember the hot girl yesterday?

Person 2 : Yeah bro she’s Jiana

Person 1 : bro I had a crush on her since like the 6th grade

Person 2 : dude...everyone had a crush on her..
by renesmecullen June 12, 2021
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likes pussy and porn. she can take a sugar daddy any day.
jiana: imma throw a party you wanna come ;)
random guy: nah your horny and i have a gf
by definitely_not_Jiana March 10, 2022
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Fat Ho who always on someone dick. A slut who can eat dick for a chicken nugget.
Hi I'm Jiana Jones and I got letter back
by Angelo walker12 March 14, 2017
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