word meaning to fuck, to get with, grind wit, etc. Any action involving anything sexual.
"this is for the girl thats true to the game
backseat ma, how ya doin tha thang
this is for the girl fine like oh my god
take her to the room do tha na na na, na na na"

Vinny V.- Na na na
by bojzzle July 31, 2006
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words used to be said before the word BATMAN
na na na na na na na na BATMAN
by levyyyyy May 4, 2022
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Something used to mean rubbing in face.
mike: "i cant wait to just shove my watch in peoples faces all like na na na na"

beka: "wow"
by Bekka Boo February 25, 2008
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Originated from the sound made at the closing of the "Family Ties" theme song. Used after something incredibly dynamic or cool is said or done.
Your friend: "Hey, so I ran into the ho Carly. You know, the one who gave Kirk herpes. Yeah, I told her she smells."
You reply: "Sha na na na!"
by Brendan April 28, 2003
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Na Na Na Boo Boo is an alternate version of Na Na Na Na... It’s another verbal version of “In Your Face”.... Most commonly uttered by preschoolers up to and including the third grade. Spoken in a Sing-Songy tone..
When Oliver got spanked for jumping on the bed, Jaden taunted him singing “Na Na Na Boo Boo... You got a span-king!”...
by misanthrope 95 February 5, 2018
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