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An adjective that describes something that is sweet or badass
Tim: Check out my new sound system
Mike: That aint nothin, check out this bad larry
by Renegade December 09, 2004

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a legendary musician, with bags of talent
y is stevie wonder always smilin'?
coz he doesnt no hes black
by renegade May 14, 2005

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the most beautiful woman in the world
my everything!
shes the bestest in the world!!
by Renegade February 15, 2004

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The condition that follows when someone falls asleep at their computer. It refers to the pattern that is created on the person's face when his face rests on the keyboard as he sleep.
"If I don't go to bed soon, I'm definitely going to succumb to waffle face."
by Renegade April 12, 2004

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Hating on someone
She don't like, she be drinking too much Haterade!
by Renegade January 20, 2004

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gunned down by a load of nf's with shotguns
beginnin of robocop 1
by renegade March 06, 2005

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bedroom where you have sex
I'll meet you at the bone yard.
by Renegade January 20, 2004

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