8 definitions by 69cat69

snow storm be ware!!!! will be blinded dont walk behind a daisy!
ugh daisys dandraft keep away
by 69cat69 October 29, 2020
daisys bum: ugh yum yum
by 69cat69 October 29, 2020
a fat nobody,
no one likes him as he is a friend stealer! if you meet one you have to ditch him as he can mess with your mind. hes known to cheat on girls but never ends up with on cos of his facial feateres!
hey i know a ben hocking
me: RUN
by 69cat69 October 29, 2020
evryones mean about it but its the shiniest and most beuatiful thing you will ever see if anyone is rude to the amazing thing they are toxic!
wow di you see daisys forhead
Me: yh its amazing
by 69cat69 October 29, 2020
Daisy is the best person you will ever meet, she might seem a bit brutal when you start talking to her like her saying you make her sad but after a while you will be inseparable. FaceTiming every night, hugging all the time, holding hands for no reason and just having a laugh. These are all benefits of knowing a Daisy Mae Coe so give her a chance as you never know what will happen. They are also good looking and care about others a bit too much! But all in all to will end up falling in love with a daisy mae Coe
Friend: I met a Daisy Mae Coe
Me: keep her forever
by 69cat69 December 11, 2020