A practitioner and/or student of the computer forensic and digital investigation science. One who actively digs though digital data to find electronic evidence.

A digital investigator Jedi.
Steve: "Did you hear about Bob? He got arrested for child porn on his computer."

Dave: "Yup - can't hide from a good forensicator!"

Mike: "I can't figure out how my network was compromised! Is it a hack, APT or insider threat?!?"

Bill: "I dunno dude - you better hire a forensicator."

Lawyer 1: "Why can't I just drag and drop the files needed for discovery?"

Lawyer 2: "It's not court admissible! You need all the meta data and hash checks - better get a forensicator."
by douglasbrush May 28, 2010
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A participant in the speech half of a forensics competition; a public speaker. This noun is found within the forensics lexicon, but not the English one.
"While you are all fine forensicators," said Joe, "that trophy is surely mine."
by notionridiculous March 9, 2008
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The act of following computer forensic actions when performing a computer or digital forensic investigation.

What a forensicator does.
Bob: "Did you find those e-mails on the suspect hard drive?"
Dave: "Not, yet I am still forensicating the EDB files."

Sam: "Dude you look horrible - when is the last time you slept?"
Max: "Man, I dunno I have been forensicating the raw data for 50 hours straight."
by douglasbrush May 29, 2010
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A word made up by senior officers and management to spuriously and incorrectly describe the process of forensically examining a crime scene. The word is not recognised by forensic examiners as having any valid or useful meaning. Often used by uninformed and untrained individuals to give the impression of knowledge of forensic science and forensic examination techniques.
The stolen car will need to be forensicated. To forensicate the victim.
by csi pointless April 30, 2013
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A term to describe digital forensic examiners. This term was originally created by BJ Lachner and has been popularized by Rob Lee of the SANS Institute. The term first came into public use on April 1st, 2007 on the Cyberspeak digital forensic podcast.

The term is sometimes used in the phrase "Lethal Forensicator" to describe elite forensicators.

An easy way to identify a lethal forensicator is to ask them to produce their SANS Institute’s Digital Forensics “Lethal Forensicator” Coin aka the RMO (Round Metal Object) which is awarded by the SANS Institute to select lethal forensicators
When I first started out in digital forensics, I was just doing Nintendo forensics. I've learned so much since then that I'm now a lethal forensicator.
by ericjhuber July 3, 2010
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1. Debate
2. Any event which one may compete in at a debate tourniment.
Come join the forensics team; they get laid surprisingly often...
by kstar April 27, 2004
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