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The act of following computer forensic actions when performing a computer or digital forensic investigation.

What a forensicator does.
Bob: "Did you find those e-mails on the suspect hard drive?"
Dave: "Not, yet I am still forensicating the EDB files."

Sam: "Dude you look horrible - when is the last time you slept?"
Max: "Man, I dunno I have been forensicating the raw data for 50 hours straight."
by douglasbrush May 29, 2010
A practitioner and/or student of the computer forensic and digital investigation science. One who actively digs though digital data to find electronic evidence.

A digital investigator Jedi.
Steve: "Did you hear about Bob? He got arrested for child porn on his computer."

Dave: "Yup - can't hide from a good forensicator!"

Mike: "I can't figure out how my network was compromised! Is it a hack, APT or insider threat?!?"

Bill: "I dunno dude - you better hire a forensicator."

Lawyer 1: "Why can't I just drag and drop the files needed for discovery?"

Lawyer 2: "It's not court admissible! You need all the meta data and hash checks - better get a forensicator."
by douglasbrush May 28, 2010