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In today's fast paced world, every minute counts. Fast food restaurants have got the practice of fast food sales down to a science. However, as with any industry, when human interaction is necessary, there is room for error. McTrust occurs when you patronize a fast food establishment, and you receive you order without checking to see if it is correct. This is the exact moment of McTrust. As you pull off from the drive-thru window, you gamble the few precious seconds that checking your order before you leave allows you. This small moment is the difference in getting where you are going just a little quicker if the level of McTrust is high at that particular restaurant. The McTrust level is earned over a period of time. The higher the level, the more likely your order will be correct. It should be noted that McTrust is easy to lose as well. After one bad experience, you will probably stop to check your order at that particular place for quite some time into the future, if even returning at all. It is almost like a slot machine at a casino, as you reach your destination. You open your bag to the moment of truth: is it right or wrong? Having your order correct is a great feeling. But if you receive something completely wrong, it is then you must decide to eat the crap or return to fix the offending order. If you have to get back in your car and return, then you have wasted precious moments of your life dealing with schmucks who can't correctly place a fast food order in a bag. A portion of your existence will be spent with no other purpose other than to correct some idiot's malfeasance regarding your food experience. In closing, McTrust should be taught in training for any fast food environment, even though the participants in the training probably won't realize the gravity of the valuable commodity of McTrust.
Person #1: SON OF A BITCH!

Person #2: What's wrong, guy?

Person #1: Those cocksuckers at {fast-food restaurant} fucked me again! I ordered a double cheeseburger with no onions and they gave me a bag of onions with a side of pickled pig's feet. Their McTrust just went to ZERO. I guess I'll be back in a few minutes.

Person #2: Why? Where are you going?

Person #1: Heading back up there to bury my foot in the manager's ass. Here, hold this $200 for bail money, because I am going to need it by the time I get done thrashing this asshole.

Person #2: Uhh, sure man.. whatever.
by SenorMusk January 01, 2008
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