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hatrick is to score 3 goals in a soccer/football/futbol match
rushy: england r thrashing ze germans
k8n: wat a goal dat just completed his hatrick
by ben rush aka (rushy) June 21, 2006
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To hook up with exactly three women in a set period of time. This situation usually happens at a party or strip club.
boy: How many chick did you get with tonight?

boy 2: My friend, I pulled a hatrick.
by Mattybro March 03, 2008
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hatrick is a Vancouver pimp, pushing crack hos on review boards, like and

If your young daughter is missing, chances are Hatrick is "breaking her in" as we speak.
He sells the girls as long as they are young and fresh. When he made old druggies out of them he drops them like hot potatoes.

Just ask Hatrick what is available and he will give you the phone numbers of his new VICTIMS. But remember, half of the 20 bucks you pay her for a bareback bj goes in the pocket of Hatrick.
hatrick is so ugly and stinky that even the streetwalkers find him disgusting.
by Gibbon22 May 26, 2008
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Der Fรผrher of Loudoun county public schools. also head of local Gestapo. Refuses to allow slaves any breaks for incliment weather.
That dude is such a HATRICK.

Who's worse, Hatrick or Hitler?
by macleod February 23, 2005
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