hatrick is to score 3 goals in a soccer/football/futbol match
rushy: england r thrashing ze germans
k8n: wat a goal dat just completed his hatrick
by ben rush aka (rushy) June 21, 2006
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To hook up with exactly three women in a set period of time. This situation usually happens at a party or strip club.
boy: How many chick did you get with tonight?

boy 2: My friend, I pulled a hatrick.
by Mattybro March 4, 2008
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Der Fürher of Loudoun county public schools. also head of local Gestapo. Refuses to allow slaves any breaks for incliment weather.
That dude is such a HATRICK.

Who's worse, Hatrick or Hitler?
by macleod February 23, 2005
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Hatrick Sprayze is the act of vomiting thrice in one evening of drinking. If one has completed such an act then that person is also known as Hatrick Sprayze.
Sebastiaan: Did you hear that Medzhnun vomited three times on Friday after drinking at the Christmas markets?

Blaise: Yeah he's a real Hatrick Sprayze. After the markets we went to a couple bars. He puked once at the first bar, once at the second, and a third time on the walk home.
by Hulk19 December 17, 2018
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Edmund Hetrick's alter ego "Eddie Hatrick". Deriving from the hockey term "hat trick", Eddie Hatrick is famously known for boning down three different not-so-lovely ladies on consecutive nights. All three sessions usually performed without the "hat".
"Man I hope no bitches grind my shit on the dance floor tonight, I'm sore from pulling the Eddie Hatrick."
by Da Fulch July 30, 2009
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Much like the Gordie Howe Hatrick (one goal, one assist, and one fight). The Henry Hatrick applies to a night out at a party or bar, where you at least cry once, puke once, and piss your pants once.
Scott: Hey Gavin did you hear? Jesse scored a Henry Hatrick last night! He cried, puked and pissed his pants!
Gavin: Hahaha typical Jesse
by reallydrunktoday August 10, 2008
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to have sex orally anally and vaginally in same sex session
man we went for it last night i scored a perfect hatrick
by fussyballbag January 22, 2011
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