life defines a multi-ingredient condition, comprised of both biotic element and organic matter, harboring reproductive, growth and functional activity attributes.
all Vegetation, mammals, and Animals etc. define that condition that which constitutes life.
by Baron Neville July 10, 2017
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Nima: Dude, we're moving to a more lifeful house.
by Shuli March 9, 2010
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Somebody with no life is one that doesn't value their own time, and so will spend it in ways that even they feel or know are a waste of their time (although they may not admit it).

As different people enjoy different things and priorities vary by person, this is often used (by people who disagree with what is or isn't a good use of time) to judge and insult people who are actually happy with the way they spend their time.

Alternatively, it could refer to somebody who is very dedicated to something (especially something frivolous or negative), at the cost of most anything else.

1 (translated): Wow, I can't believe you spend all your time doing something you enjoy that I don't, you must have no life.

2: Yet you have nothing better to do than judge people like a prick. It's ironic that you sound so full of yourself, since it makes it seem like you think making fun of somebody's hobbies means you have a life.

3: Are you two seriously arguing over who does or doesn't have a life? Both of you need a life!

4: Time is one of life's most precious resources. Do not squander it by having no life, or by listening to those that say you have none.

5. Unless you're hurting people with what you're doing. In that case, get a life.
by Aeroxima November 16, 2009
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Extended period of decay between coming into existence and leaving it.
by rs21 September 2, 2005
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A phrase used when one tries to find a way to accomplish something that should be relatively easy, and finds the task overbearing due to outside influences.
At that point one might surrender, and choose to accept things as they are. This is NOT the same as giving up and is NOT associated in any way with acts of physical or mental abuse

An analytical or casual thought process used to define one's abililty to understand that some things cannot be changed by the human species, and therefore requires acceptance

casual frustration
I did all the right things, and they didn't work this time. Oh well, There's nothing else I can do. I'll get over it....... such is life........

I wish the flowers would last all year, but I understand that's the way nature works.....such is life.
by mjh01 August 26, 2006
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I have written countless urban dictionary meanings...
Wow I really need to get A Life
by Mr Vincenzo Vincente December 10, 2019
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