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Alias used by the fallen one in order to deceive billions under the false belief of being “god” itself

Unfortunately Muslims might never break free from the deception, another ode to his mastery over trickery and lies. “Allah” is one of the best of deceivers and it’s written that way for a reason
Allah” has slaves NOT children

“Allah” is father to NO ONE

“Allah” sends people to hell more than he gives people the promise of paradise


Allah (satan) is “god”
by Righteousridicule February 5, 2022
The son, that is all….

Like his elders, he’s got wrath, chaos, an appetite for destruction and inherited all the aspects of the hierarchy of the unknown.

Emperor of the lost paradise, junior goes by many names and is synonymous with other titles.

The forbidden one” , “prince of infamy” or even “the fallen one”, “child of chaos”, etc

Considered the physical manifestation of the previous entities of darkness. Junior is NOT to be taken lightly.

For he is THE SON
junior (grimes) has endless skills and talents as he’s spent time honing all of his mastery of these aspects of reality since he TRULY IS THE JACK OF ALL TRADES

junior (grimes) and his father are distant yet closer than one could comprehend

The son IS junior (grimes)
by Righteousridicule December 24, 2021
Someone who doesn’t exist. He doesn’t exist
Junior grimes (Junior the egomaniac) is nobody and doesn’t truly exist, or does he ?

Junior isn’t even really a real person?, he is simply NOT THERE

Junior Grimes is The Forbidden One and is not bound by laws nor morals
by Righteousridicule December 23, 2021
A religion created by the fallen one in order to have billions submit to him under the illusion that he is “god” itself. successfully worked since billions believe that “allah” is ACTUALLY “god” when it in fact, IS NOT. But the cunning work of a master of deception who ordered the subjugation of the world so long as they turn away from christ

Prophetmuhammad was deceived hence how Islam began

Many will attempt to deny the truth
by Righteousridicule February 3, 2022
Donald Trump: “I’m gonna make america Great again!”

Junior grimes: dad! I need another million dollars, my pop star career didn’t takeoff again

Donald trump: ugh, come here son


Trump: *enters Mexican restaurant*

Donald trump: honestly, I can buy EVERYONE CHEESE DIP

everyone else: ugh


Donald trump had his own son junior working for him during the early years of the election although this remains hidden to most of the public


Junior Grimes is the son of donald trump
by Righteousridicule February 6, 2022
a mysterious boy and master of ambiguity, can be whatever he wants to be and/or what you need him to be.

notorious for doing sketchy stuff and moving place to place seeking newfound pleasures.

J’s purpose is to do whatever feels right to him, can be everything yet none of it at the same time.

J IS LITERALLY a man of mystery
J is a suspicious kid and likes to play with his food

Don’t be like J or you’ll end up dead

Yo J, let’s hang out sometime”

J: I can’t, I gotta return some tapes”

J is short for Junior or even jay, it doesn’t matter, it’s his names that he allows people to call him by

J (junior) sketchy street kid that enjoys unknown activities
by Righteousridicule December 28, 2022