Someone trying to be like 50 cent with lots of fake jewlery
"Look! It's 5 cent!"
by J.M.R.x2 April 24, 2006
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A name used to replace the name of someone who is a wankster, thinks he is black(but is white) and is small and is also a fag.
random guy: who's that wannabe gangster shit?
desi: oh thats a guy we call 5 cent
by desipwnz November 07, 2006
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An activity to which the person (usually male) proceeds to force a a 5 cent coin down their urethra (dick hole) then wanks and cums with the coin still lodged in there, the challenge is complete when the person has successfully climaxed and then also pulls the coin out.
John: I'm gonna do the 5 cent challenge tonight, wanna do it with me?
Bob: no fucken way cunt, that's fucked
John: it's your loss it's actually quite pleasurable
Bob: whatever you say
by SammySmallDick June 24, 2017
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when you can see someone's huggies, or underwear and you can virtually see the crack "on the piggy bank"
the opening is large enough for a nickel
look jane bent over i can clearly see her 5 cent crack.
by Miguel Gonzalez May 05, 2008
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