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The most common misspelling of fro.
'Hello, how much fro these eggs?'
'I don't know, what are you using them fro?'
'Hmm, why don't you just for?!'
by Bethany Rosanna Golding October 21, 2007
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Acronym that stands for "Fuck Off Rudy".

A discreet way of responding to an insult and/or telling a rude person to "fuck off", "leave me alone", "get lost", or "go fuck yourself".
"man, you can be such a dumbass!"

by jamminspacey January 23, 2010
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fuck our rivals a tagging crew based out of Fresno CA
fucking our rivals sisters
fucken out rageous
flashin on rebels
feel our revenge
freedon of retaliation
fucking our retarded son
the for krew fucked shit up last night
by kingbumer December 28, 2007
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