Football Team- A mass of bumbling idiots and jocks who think about sex every 5 seconds and fap in the showers.
The Football Team went into the showers, their minds ingulfed in a world of their "hottest babes".
by GothicInLove December 07, 2010
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A team of decent players that get played out of position by an owl cunt who prepares a leaving speech instead of trying to beat fucking Iceland.
by ThinkOfSomething July 04, 2016
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What any hardcore feminist or otherwise domineering woman ought to be.
Have I told you about my 7th grade Remedial English teacher? She ought to be the backstop of a football team.
by Baron Bernardino June 17, 2008
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The team that thinks they can do good, but then when the game actually comes up, they bomb it and blow a 30 to 12 lead, but then the tides turn and then the score becomes 30 to 45 and they Amherst Football team ends up with an L.
Amherst Football team: Alright boys u ready for the big game, YEAH!!
Game score: 35 to 1, Amherst leads.
Third quarter:35 to 200
Amherst Football team: WE LOST, BUT WERE SO GOOD THO!
"school kids make jokes about Amherst Football team being good"
Amherst Football team: TRIGGERED!!!!!!!!
by gWRIOL November 14, 2018
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a football team that will talk shit about other schools football teams and lose against them and will fight them when they loose for “starting beef” even though they started it
columbus football team: wow la grange sucks ass, they aren’t good they finna catch this L
la grange football team: *wins football game*
columbus football team: starts fight at end of game
by Holly Hills September 28, 2018
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