someone who always walks to reach a destination.
homeboy aint got a car, i always catch him walking. that niggas a straight foot soldier.
by doggy romero August 01, 2007
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a prostitute that walks up and down the street waiting for tricks or johns
My sister got strung out and became a foot soldier to support her habit.

by treece December 22, 2005
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a "foot" fetish to please a homosexual. When a man inserts his entire foot up another man's asshole.
The faggot loved feet so much that he would pay men (foot soldiers) to shove their feet up his ass. He screamed in agonizing pain as Henry's toes cracked through his rectum.
by steven dalal May 05, 2005
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Is a sexual position, where the male in the orgy take his genitals and covers the females eyes, letting his dick hang down the front of her face..!!! as she licks the tip!
I heard last night NOLAN got german foot-soldiered!!
by J-Mizz April 04, 2008
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A close relative of the 'Clevelend Steamer' and the 'Hot Carl,' the 'Minnesota Foot Soldier' is a sexual act wherein a partner defecates then steps barefoot in their own defecation. The other partner then licks the first partner's feet and sucks their toes.
Since we just had corn for dinner, can we do the Minnesota Foot Soldier tonight, dear?
by Conscious Pilot March 05, 2008
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Any1 that grew up on Mad Beach and walks around barefoot on a regular basis(even if the ground is hot as hell).
"hey man don't you want to get your shoes?"
"Don't need em I'm a dirty foot soldier."
by lunchbaca August 24, 2007
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