the feeling of being uncomfortably full, like you're about to burst and vomit, after committing gluttony.
Josh: I'm so excited about Thanksgiving dinner! The food is the best thing that has ever graced my mouth!

30 minutes after eating Thanksgiving dinner....

Josh: dude, my stomach hurts. I feel like shit.

Jaime: I told you not to gorge on 5 plates of food or you'll have a food baby!
by LeeFour November 09, 2007
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When stomach is so full with food its starts to swell, causing you to look pregnant.
Girl1-hey,are you pregnant?
Girl2-nope,just a foodbaby.
by well_meow September 11, 2014
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Eating such an amount of food as to make it feel that you are actually pregnant. Distension of the abdomen due to eating a large meal. The feeling of stretching of your belly due to eating too much.

Jim, you get credit for this :D
Ugh, the food-baby is kicking, I shouldn't have eaten two burritos
by LaEnana January 10, 2011
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The event, when having eaten a large amount of food, you're stomach bulges out, much like that of a pregnant woman. It is highly uncomfortable and often occurs Thanksgiving.
"I knew I shouldn't have had that 3rd piece of pie and 6th helping of stuffing. Now I have a major food baby."
by LeoFLJ November 27, 2009
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A Turd, Dump, Bowel movement, fecal defecation. Much harder to give birth to than an actualy human baby.
Dude i gotta run to the toilet to give birth to a food baby!
by KL Whitjohj November 27, 2012
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