When someone eats a large amount of food causing them to look pregnant
Aaron had just finished his 5 course meal At the hotel. He leaned back and belched loudly rubbing his food baby
Hey can I have another pizza? He asked the waiter next to him
by ethansawsome2002 June 13, 2016
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When stomach is so full with food its starts to swell, causing you to look pregnant.
Girl1-hey,are you pregnant?
Girl2-nope,just a foodbaby.
by well_meow September 11, 2014
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A food baby is the result of gastrointestinal gestation of food which results in you giving birth to a massive turd which may result in an anal fissure.
"Nick got taco drunk last night, and he has spent the last 20 minutes in labor pushing out his foodbaby."
by Gaff Stabb April 11, 2016
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A Turd, Dump, Bowel movement, fecal defecation. Much harder to give birth to than an actualy human baby.
Dude i gotta run to the toilet to give birth to a food baby!
by KL Whitjohj November 27, 2012
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To eat so much that one must losen one's belt to make room for their new food baby
"Wow I ate so much now I have a food baby"
Perfect Definition: at www.youtube.com / meltab27
by meltab November 09, 2010
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When you eat vast quantities of food all at once and you feel like you're belly has grown as if you are carrying a baby. The feeling of having gained weight suddenly can also accompany a food-baby.
Person 1: "Hey Brian, have you tried some of that soup?"
Brian: "I would love too, my I already ate too much. My stomach feels massive and i feel bloated."
Person 1:"Good for you for trying all that food, but I think you have a food-baby."
by Elfiepie December 18, 2013
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