the virus women/men obtain after digesting abraham “popogalicia’s genital secretions. symptoms can be, loss of memory, becoming significantly dumber, abnormal mutations.
i slept with “popo” last night and swallowed his kids, not i think i have foo virus, i don’t know my abc’s anymore.
by swolehamster69 June 04, 2021
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Cv foos stay posted in Carmal Valley San Diego! Some of the most dangerous foo's stay posted down there. They are not afraid to smack a hoe if they get in the way of making "Dat Dough" They are some of the most dangerous gangstas. They will try to steal your 2 bucks, and they will buy a mcchicken with it. Or they will try to jump helpless kid's. Watch out if you are visiting this part of San Diego...Even if it is suburban, the foo's stay out day and night...People who survive from the foo's attack don't live to survive. They may even try to fuck yo bitch...Even though we all know CV foo's have dirty penis.
Guy: "Hey man where you from?"

"Oh man I grew up on the motherfuckin streets of CV...I was once attacked by a CV foo's..." Guy 2

CV foos definition: A bunch of baddies who hang in a group of thugs and will jump you for a dollar.
by thebigbootybitchhotgirlsummer January 06, 2021
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