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to be intimate with your love or sexual interest. (Originated from the movie Captain America, 2011)
Person 1: Where are Kevita and Christian? The movie is about to start.
Person 2: They're probably in Kevita's room fonduing.
by pussinbox December 04, 2011
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Having sex, especially with some dumb punk who’s way out of your league, but who doesn’t have the sense God gave a turnip, so he doesn’t realize it.
"Throughout World War II, Bucky and Steve had been fonduing in half the barns in France."
by MarvelHuman July 10, 2018
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Trying fondue at several locations including resutrants, at home, etc.
Going to have fondue somewhere with a group of people.
One time me and my friends went fonduing so I got them a fondue set as a gift because it was so much fun.
by Queso June 04, 2007
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