What Steve Rogers believed to be sex
"How do I know you and Stark haven't been finding?"
"Fondue is just cheese and bread, my friend."
by CIL BARNETT May 7, 2016
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What Steve Rogers and Tony Stark do late at night.
Steve freaked out the first time he heard Tony say, "Hey Steve, you want some fondue?"
by someonewithrandomwords August 24, 2012
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Debonair. Composed. Poised. Stylish. Socially desirable.
Did you see her shmooze that bartender into giving us free drinks? She is so fondue!
by Ms. Umlaut November 3, 2009
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When you bust in a girl's mouth, then Tea-bag her, and after she swallows make her lick the fondue cheese off your sack!
Dude, Kelly is one crazy ass chick! She let me fondue her last night!
by KJ-O April 11, 2010
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When a woman (or man) takes a mouth full of liquid (e.g. coffee, soda water, whipped cream) and then performs oral sex on a man.
You should have seen what she did last night... She took a sip of warm coffee and then gave me a full on fondue.
by npcomplete_ August 3, 2014
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A replacement for the word "fuck", but strictly for When the word is being used as a verb.
Bro 1: Dude my girl dumped me last night. She said Brad had two more abs than I do

Bro 2: man fondue that bitch, who needs abs?
by Mr.SmoothySmooth August 29, 2019
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to be intimate with your love or sexual interest. (Originated from the movie Captain America, 2011)
Person 1: Where are Kevita and Christian? The movie is about to start.
Person 2: They're probably in Kevita's room fonduing.
by pussinbox December 5, 2011
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