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when drinking beer, and you have an acid reflux or alittle throw up, but it's just foam. it's called a fomit, used in the same context as vomit, but it's just foam, nothing else
dude, don't fomit all over my shirt! i just got it yesterday.

he's got a little fomit on his chin, but he's cool.
by s. tom s. August 09, 2006
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The act of having sex with a woman while she is hunched over puking her guts out. Fomit is traditionally only performed in the doggie style position, but there have been reports of it being performed in other sexual positions.
My girlfiriend got too drunk tonight and wouldn't leave the toilet, so I decided that I was just going to fomit her right there, fuck it.
by blumpkins and dreams March 09, 2012
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Fom it is a special word used by people after every sentence in West Yorkshire it is a sign of gratitude that the appreciate talking to you
I am going to eat from the floor fom it
Do I look sexy tonight fom it
by From it Wakefield badboy July 05, 2017
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The act of vomiting on someone or something while attempting to fornicate with said person or thing.
Everything was going fine until bob fomitted on his girls mom.
by fishpaw February 25, 2009
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The vomit so hard, that you continually fart while puking.
Guy 1: Dude, I think John is puking so hard he is shitting himself!
Guy 2: Yea, he is fomiting.
by Bill Tetely December 04, 2011
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farting and vomiting at the same time
β€œawh man, i just fomited”
by jginvin January 11, 2019
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