Person A: "Dude we both got straight F's on our exams!!"
Person B: "I know man, FOLF!!"
by DrNeens February 23, 2014
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Short for Frisbee Golf, a game played following the same rules as golf, but using specialized frisbees or "folf discs" instead of clubs and balls, and posts or baskets as targets instead of holes. Folf is far better than golfing because the equipment is cheaper, most courses are free, and you don't have to wear silly outfits. Also known as disc golf.
MAN 1: "Hey, you wanna go play some folf?"
MAN 2: "Golf? No, man, I don't play golf."
MAN 1: "NO, not golf, FOLF. You know, frisbee golf."
MAN 2: "Oh, you mean, disc golf."
MAN 1: "NO, I mean folf. Only people from California and douche bags call it disc golf."
MAN 2: "Isn't that the same thing?"
MAN 1 & MAN 2: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha."
by ToppDog August 05, 2007
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A game involving a mixture of football, baseball and golf. The game is played on a diamond type playing field in which a football is hit with a golf club, particularly a 9 iron usually. The game is played individual against the masses. Because of this ghost runners are used as the players. Each "folfer" gets three at bats and if the ball is caught in the air, unlike regular baseball, the player is not out, he or she only looses that at bat. Players must tag the base or the player with the ball except when the player is running to first, in which pegging is allowed. Since this game is often played in unofficial fields, land marks like trash cans and trees are often used as bases. Note: This game wreaks havoc on golf clubs; it is highly advised you use older clubs.
Hey, we are all heading down to the park to play a fat game of folf, everyones invited!
by exploding_danish March 14, 2009
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Fuckin' on la floor - To partake in fuckin' on a la floor.
"Hey, look everyone! Dan is fuckin' on la floor!"
by bape January 31, 2005
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A very gay game which involves a frizbie. Then you take the simple act of throwing said frizbie, and cross it with golf, and you have "folfing"
Chad likes to folf, so he likes the cock.
by D-Mo123456 October 27, 2006
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This is the lint-like substance that, from time to time, can be found in your
belly button, especillay after you've worn a new tee shirt or sweatshirt. "Folf" sounds like lint looks.
I cannot possibly wear this crop-top without cleaning out the folf from my navel!
by Conny Van Dyke October 20, 2007
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