During the writing of the song The Whole World And You by Tally Hall (Band) the writer of the song Andrew Horowitz forgot to add the "t" to the word stotries and he just kept it on that way. the song can be found on the album Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum.
Im gonna tell you some sotries
by 63838274930295 June 26, 2021
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A term for when Ross Federman tells a story

(source: Wall Party '06)
Ross, telling a sotry: "I became airborne for more than five minutes. That's how I got the nickname Ross."
by asadpuppetshow November 25, 2021
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Story but spelled by a dumba-.
"How do you spell story?"
"You dumb."
by TheY0shr March 20, 2018
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When you tell a lie that is sort of true, not knowing you have done so.
by DumbPaperclip March 19, 2019
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The act of orgasming whilst video chatting with a friend of the opposite or same sex.
He often chatted through the nets with his female friend, wherein at least one of them would practice sotry.
by Assylakula April 12, 2010
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