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n. A person who does not control his behavior accordingly in a confined environment. Someone who speaks too loudly, makes comments about people when they are within earshot, and/or eats offensively-smelling food in the office.
John was on the phone for half an hour yesterday, and spoke so loud that the whole office - even the boss - could hear him. And to make it worse, he was actually commenting on co-workers and the boss. If John is not a cubicle cunt, I don't know who is.
by Seb13 February 03, 2009

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v. When a corporation screws people - shareholders, employees, other companies - over at an extreme level.
Sue's company sat on stock options under some pretext, then laid off everyone at her location once the stock price had crashed. Then they only gave the minimum severance, and cut out all bonuses. The company does it all the time - it is the corporate fisting champ.
by Seb13 February 05, 2009

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n. An office worker who treats his cubicle or office as a safe and secure place. In his mind the safety and security of the cubicle is only surpassed by the time he spent in his mother's womb. The cubicle foetus displays anxiety when others are in his space, or when he is required to be elsewhere in the office.
Ralph is such a cubicle foetus that when he gets back to his desk after a meeting he actually sighs and even makes soft cooing and baby noises while working.
by Seb13 February 04, 2009

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n. A firing, or purge (multiple-firings), at an office. The act of forcibly removing someone from his/her cubicle or office space.
The third quarter report at Brad's company was terrible, and everyone is expecting a round of cubicle abortions.
by Seb13 February 04, 2009

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Vt. The act of misleading or tricking someone while communicating via email or Messenger, by using emoticons to imply that statements are not true or not as serious as they really are.
Jane's boss is emoticonning her. He emails here about head office plans RE her team, but then ends his sentences with winks. So, Jane is convinced that all these big plans are just talk.
by Seb13 January 24, 2009

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adj. To be obsessed with looking up information on Wikipedia or simply browsing it for interesting facts to insert into conversation.
Jane spends her whole lunch hour in her office, reading Wikipedia articles. She is completely Wiki-wacky.
by Seb13 January 23, 2009

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To promote as fact information that is patently wrong, and comes from an unreliable or suspect source.
Don't believe anything John says about pop music. He doesn't have a clue, but will wikiate at every opportunity. Last week he said the Guess Who split off from the Who.
by Seb13 January 22, 2009

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