The best hand availiable in a game of poker (or other games with similar scoring systems) All cards are of the same suit, and consist of Ace, King, Queen, Nave (Jack, for the lower classes), Ten.
I couldn't win, he had a royal flush and I had crappy cards.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 17, 2004
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While having doggy-style sex (anal or traditional) the womans head is kept just above the rim of a toilet. When the man cums he dunks her head in the toilet and flushes resulting in a swirly.
She just about drowned after that vicious royal flush I gave her this morning.
by bobbyj August 10, 2006
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2 parts crown, 6 parts cream soda, 1 part maraschino cherry juice, 2 maraschino cherries. AKA The Velvet Crocodile. Fuckin excellence.
I like sex, and royal flushes.
by D-twiz April 26, 2009
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when the queen or princess uses a douche
princess die needs her royal flush
by glen April 6, 2004
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royal flush is the gambling game played by the bad guys in old bollywood movies, and the one where there is ample scope to cheat by having a couple of aces up your sleeve.
The winning hand in this game is also called the royal flush, which is getting three cards of the same type. Getting three aces is the strongest hand in the game.
I gambled everything I had in a game of Royal Flush and lost.
by Gunkglumb June 6, 2005
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in poker having a straight 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace all the same suit.

AKA wet dream
Fred almost wet himself when he was dealt the ace and king to make the Royal Flush.
by TwitChy December 14, 2003
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When you piss, puke, cum, and shit yourself at the same time
I got so drunk last night that I had a royal flush
by ballsdeep500 April 29, 2011
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