Struggling ,running out of money,being broke
Or running out of drugs
Damn right now I’m in the drought feel like nothing going right
by Gloveboy954 June 30, 2021
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A period of time with no pussy or girlfriend, basically single and horny as fuck. The drought can drive a person insane. symptons of drought are messing with ugly or fat girls.
Oh man, what happen to jerry
Man, he got the drought, shit is killin him
Thank god, i aint him, im gettin some pussy tonite,
me to
(high five)
by Joey Danza September 14, 2008
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When a man turns you off so bad it makes you have a drought in your pants.
He was so gross, he gave me a drought in my pants!

His cock was so small once i saw it i got a drought!

when he made me pay for my coffee, was an instant drought.
by Arta Jhuli September 16, 2007
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When a certain drug is in limited supply or unavailable in your city or hood. Price's are much higher.
Damn fool. jus' paid $250 for an ounce! Such a drought at the moment.
by Diego September 20, 2003
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When one hasn't gotten action (hooking up etc.) of any kind for a long period of time. The opposite of a drought would be referred to as "the tropics".
Alessia: Wow, I'm in a huge drought. This sucks.

Sean: I know, you haven't gotten with anyone in over a year!
by fackbitchesgetmoney May 7, 2011
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(noun) - going a period of time without something you really want (usu. referring to sexual activity). see also wordslump/word, wordMSB/word
dude, i'm in such a drought i haven't even seen a pair of real titties for 3 months
by shader March 10, 2003
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When one's bong water is placed into a bowl, and soaked up with a towel. Usually takes 1-2 days to soak up, but the end result is whatever particles that were once in the bong water are now somewhat dry.
"Im droughting my bong water because im dry"
by amp9041 December 30, 2005
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