3 definitions by Ryusake

Contemptuous action or disregard for; esp. the law.
"The Grove families been givin' flout to da 5-0"
by Ryusake February 19, 2005
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A severe neurological disorder characterized by multiple facial and other body tics, usually beginning in childhood or adolescence and often accompanied by grunts and compulsive utterances, as of interjections and obscenities.
"So Gary, I was thinking later we could go out for- FUCK, GODDAMN, COCKSUCKER! ...We could go out for some burgers."

"He is finally at rest, and we know without a doubt that he is in a better place and that he will soon- FUCK YOUR MOTHER, WHORE, SHIT! ...Rest in peace."
by Ryusake June 23, 2005
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Either of two large veins that drain blood from the upper & lower body and empty into the right atrium of the heart.
"Hey Doc, when you cut me open, could you show me my venae cavae?"
"...F*ck that, just put this mask on."
by Ryusake February 18, 2005
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