How the asians say Fried Rice, as they cant say R they say L
Mr.Maggo: Dude, me like flied lice!
Karate kid: Me feel like flied lice too!
by CraCKtobeR April 10, 2005
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Small flies that circle arouind a dirty public toilet
Wow, did you see the number of piss flies in that bus stop toilet?
by cc millett March 14, 2004
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Miniature flies that sworm around a worn out dirty cooch.
Hey Bruce did you see all the cooch flies sworming around Samantha's dirty rotten kitty at the village office?
by Bruce Calhoon October 26, 2007
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Annoying bugs that fly in circles non-stop.
Usually found in your living room, park trails, and hallways.
Dude 1: I mean, they just go around in circles all day long, what's their deal?
Dude 2: Don't worry about it, circle flies are retarded.
by men-jo August 06, 2010
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The dark grey spots that appear in your vision, moving as if in fluid, when your eyes chase them as you try to look at them. They're, apparently, harmless blood clots caused by drinking/taking drugs.
What was that? Oh, just damn drug flies.
by jimjiminih May 01, 2011
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a book written by William Golding that exhibits Golding's beliefs on humanity and encorporates freudian theories. Golding's view on humanity was skewed after his experiences in the war which led him to try to convey is beliefs through a book which is now considered a classic, lord of the flies
person 1:man the lord of the flies came and talked to me
person 2: dude what did i tell you about taking that sheeba again
by natasha marra August 15, 2006
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The 4th album/2nd EP released by the great band Alice In Chains. It contains 7 songs and was/still is the ONLY ep EVER to be #1 on the charts, let alone debut at it. Take that Godsmack.
How many EP's have debuted at #1? Just Jar of Flies.
by Kevin September 25, 2004
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