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Despite all the other sexual and racist definitions of this word, Fried Rice is just another type of Asian food.
The Chinese restaurant across the street has some AMAZING Fried Rice.
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by DaPwettyPwincess September 03, 2018
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Having sex on a stovetop. Gas stoves are preferred by extreme risk-takers and those who enjoy the smell of burning flesh.
Did you have fried rice last night?" "Yea, but we used an electric stove. Not nearly as exciting.
by StrangerStranger April 22, 2011
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Another slang for sex or making out in Asia.
Male 1: So what are you doing tonight?

Male 2: Gonna make some fried rice with my wife.
by RawrRaptor December 10, 2009
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Uncontrollably high off of marijuana.
1. Yooo we just smoked like 4 L's, we fried rice!

2. What are you doing? About to get fried rice with my friends.
by kush-rolled November 23, 2010
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