Those little flies that buzz around public really bad pubs, they fly around your beer...
"There are fucking piss flies in here!"

"This place is a shit-hole, look at the amount of piss flies".
by Skipton Levi October 22, 2008
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Slang term for the city of Flint, MI.
Dude 1: "Yo, I heard it's a party in Fli-City tonight."

Dude 2: "Word? We in dat bitch, I ain't been to Flint in a minute."
by TwinCam February 10, 2014
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Sammy-Have you seen that really cute guy in the grade below us. The really hot Asian

Heather-yeah ik he's so hot. He's Felix flis
by Harktheharoldflising February 24, 2017
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Generally used to designate a poorly drawn smiley in MSN messenger that may or may not look like a fly. In reference to a Jack Handey Deep Thought that ended with "That alien!", but written in english shitty enough to make you invert singular and plural and put the letter D instead of the "th" sound.
MikeK: Mans! Loks at my nwew smilyeS!

D: Shoot!

MikeK: <shitty smiley>

D: whtat the fkucs is that supposeded to be?! it looks like a fruit flies or smomethinigs!11

MikeK: Dat Flies
by D June 01, 2004
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term for having one's mouth wide open (for no apparent reason) sometimes when sleeping
Look, that girl is driving and catching flies at the same time!
by HoLoVanderwhitey February 25, 2008
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a book written by william golding that is steeped with symbolism
Piggy= rationality, intelligence, civilization
Ralph= order, law, civilization
Simon= spirituality, wisdom
Roger= sadism, cruelty
Jack= savagery, pride, superstition, etc.
These are just to name a few.
Though the name Lord of the Flies is the name of Satan, in this book it can be interpreted as many different things. One of them being the sow's head, another (in Golding's view) is the darkness in man's heart (savagery).
Lord of the Flies was a boring book, but it had an interesting view on human nature.
by X3ro November 16, 2006
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Arguably the best Alice in Chains album/EP ever put out. It has more of an acoustic vibe to it than any of their full length albums.
Jerry Cantrell's awesome on Jar of Flies. Just listen to Whale and Wasp and you'll see.
by Rastablowtorch September 19, 2005
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