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When you regularly flirt with an acquaintance or friend but do no more.
1. Rick and Julie flirt whenever they are together, but they've never gone out. They aren't in any sort of relationship, merely a flirtationship.

2. Bob has only one girlfriend, but starts a flirtationship with almost every girl he meets.
by Bloo February 12, 2005
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When two people, who have an obvious interest in each other, flirt non-stop but can't actually get into a relationship due to complicated reasons
girl #1: You know that guy I've been texting, he called me pretty.
girl #2. Aww, that's so cute. Too bad he's 25 and you're 16. I guess its just going to be a flirtationship
girl #1: Yeaahh, shut up!
by BleedingStupidity September 01, 2010
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An unofficial relationship that involves tons of flirting. Usually between two friends, and it's all fun and games til one of them falls for the other and turns it into a Relationship.
"OMG John and Stacy are totally in a flirtationship!"
by Shaggybug March 03, 2015
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more than friends less than a relationship. Often one or both partners having emotional or physical interest in another, while maintaining indefinite roles in eachothers lives. Consentual and mutual flirtationships are often long term and may be considerate and aware of both partners spouses.

Non mutual flirtationships often are recognized by one party playing the "puppy dog" role and constantly praising the desired partner while, baiting for attention and pitty flirts

Non consensual flirtationships are known as creepers and stalkers
"are josh and anna finally together now that anna left billy"

"no theyre in a flirtationship, besides josh is still taken"

"and alexis is ok with that?"

"well its not like theyre sleeping together, besides, theyve been at this forever, i wish theyd just friggin get together already"
by Romanticcook July 16, 2012
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more than a friendship, less than a relationship.
lots of flirting going on, and you may or may not want it to go farther.

My flirtationship with Kody went to a whole new level when we went on a date last night.
by Fanta 5 September 01, 2007
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A relationship with someone that's open. You're not really with them, but you flirt a lot and kinda like eachother.
To have a flirtationship, you dont have to be single and it can range from anywhere to harmless to "I wanna get in your pants"...and could even lead to a relationship.
Example 1:

I talk to Corey every night. We flirt ALL the time and its obvious we like eachother but he lives in Pittsburgh, I live in Buffalo, so we only have a flirtationship.

Example 2:
Girl A: Do you think Josh would get mad if he found out about my flirtationship with Matt?

Girl B: Definitely!!! Matt totally wants to get in your pants!
by geezitshannah!!! April 10, 2011
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