aj, not quite a relationship but more than flirting.
v, when you don't want a relationship but you need more than flirting.
Flirty Touch
Jo and her lover had a flirtationship because they are friends & more.
Jo and her lover would flirt & take it to second base with no ties or strings. Flirtationship

by The Fairy Sesh Mother August 31, 2018
An unofficial relationship that involves tons of flirting. Usually between two friends, and it's all fun and games til one of them falls for the other and turns it into a Relationship.
"OMG John and Stacy are totally in a flirtationship!"
by Shaggybug March 4, 2015
When two people, who have an obvious interest in each other, flirt non-stop but can't actually get into a relationship due to complicated reasons
girl #1: You know that guy I've been texting, he called me pretty.
girl #2. Aww, that's so cute. Too bad he's 25 and you're 16. I guess its just going to be a flirtationship
girl #1: Yeaahh, shut up!
by BleedingStupidity September 1, 2010
A flirtationship is a strange relationship shared by two friends. They are more than friends to each other but are never going to be a couple. The two within the flirtationship are often content with where they stand with each other, however, those who witness the flirtationship are annoyed by the constant flirting.

There are occasions where the two within the flirtationship are hoping for something more but neither party will act upon those feelings.
Example 1:
Danielle: Have you seen Alex and Sabrina? They're really cute together, when do you think they'll start going out?
Justin: They're never going to be a couple, they're in a strict flirtationship.

Example 2:
Nicole: Despite their flirtationship, Alex and Sabrina are both itching for a relationship.
Paolo: Yeah, too bad neither will make their feelings known.

Example 3:
David: I wish Alex and Sabrina would stop this flirtationship and just go out with each other already.
Keith: That will never happen, they'll always be in this form of relationship.
David: Can they at least make it less sickening to watch?
by Japas February 7, 2015
A relationship with someone that's open. You're not really with them, but you flirt a lot and kinda like eachother.
To have a flirtationship, you dont have to be single and it can range from anywhere to harmless to "I wanna get in your pants"...and could even lead to a relationship.
Example 1:

I talk to Corey every night. We flirt ALL the time and its obvious we like eachother but he lives in Pittsburgh, I live in Buffalo, so we only have a flirtationship.

Example 2:
Girl A: Do you think Josh would get mad if he found out about my flirtationship with Matt?

Girl B: Definitely!!! Matt totally wants to get in your pants!
by geezitshannah!!! April 11, 2011
A flirtatiounship is where you’re in a flirty relationship but not really together. You just flirt
Sam and Julie are in a flirtationship
by Havenvelour October 16, 2019