A Lia is the type of person that could "like like" someone so much but you have to catch it fast because she backs off when others like them. If you have a Lia don't let her go because she will be the most loyal, best friend, girlfriend you could ask for. She is shy when you meet her at first, but once you get to know her she is funny and kind. A Lia cares for the people close to her very much. A Lia tends to keep her feelings about a crush to herself, she might tell a close friend weeks after she likes someone. A Lia makes her feelings to a boy/girl she likes obvious in a subtle way, by sitting close the them, creating inside jokes with them, giving them gum, or stopping at a friends locker that is close to theirs to glance at them every now and then. A Lia is beautiful, smart and kind both inside and out, and anyone would be lucky to be her friend or date her.
Person one: Hey , whats Lia like?
Person two: Amazing
by anonymous rose January 4, 2019
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Lia is an AMAZING person and an amazing girlfriend. And she has an amazing body that makes you wanna hold her really tight and close. She is a sweetheart and a hard headed person all in one . You are very lucky if you find a Lia especially if you get to date her. Yes she may get a little jealous and its not a bad thing it shows she cares a lot about you. Lia's are shy until you get to know them then they are a little Freaky A lot of Lia's that are brunette seem to be the most wifey material. You dint ever want to loose her. Although she is not the most athletic at first once you take her outside that will change you just have to be patient. Also be loyal if you are with a Lia and you wont regret it.
Boyfriend~ I love Lia so much

Friend~ WHy so much
Boyfriend~ Get to know her and you will understand why
by C.D.Pluvssssherr November 27, 2018
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Any Lia is really nice, charming and gorgeous, but doesn't want to admit it. She brings out the best in people and has a super contagious laugh. Any Lia will give you help when you need it and will stay by your side through thick and thin. Lia gets good grades without trying and has a small group of friends that she can confide in.
Lia is my dream girl

Oh man, I wish I was dating Lia

Lia is such a nice person

Lia got an A in that geometry quiz... unfair! I heard she didn't even study!
Who's Lia dating now?
by Hey13579 April 8, 2019
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Someone I'm talking to ;)
She's sassy and hilarious and gorgeous and she gives good hugs
Daaamnn have you met Lia?!
We're twins.
by Living meme fangirl queen February 18, 2019
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Lia is a very outgoing and crazy wonderful person. she is one of those people that r so selfless that it is useless trying to get her to help herself. Lia is very athletic and sporty and loves animals so much! she is a thoughtful person and loves herself the way she is! She is easy to bond with and is beautiful inside and out!<3 She is rlly nice and is and full time energy bomb!! she will run around without stopping for hours! she is very social and good at making new friends. she is loved by all of her friends and family. her bestest of friends she considers her sisters and nothing will ever change that. she is someone u can have a long distance friendship and have no problems. she will never forget about u and will always be checking in to see how u r. lia is ALWAYS hungry. lia is for sure a keeper and will be ur best friend for the rest of ur life
Lia is a person that is overall an amazing person with an amazing personality!
by ggracelesss December 31, 2020
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Lia is the most amazing person. To have Lia in your life and by your side is bliss. Lia is a gentle, caring girl with a big heart full of gold. She is the most honest and loyal person you'll ever meet, and the best friend or girlfriend ever. If Lia is yours, don't let her go. Cherish her for life. She will be your pride and joy; she will usually be very secretive about her feelings for someone, but it'll definitely show in the end.
Wow. Lia is SO hot. I wish she was mine!

Lia is a bliss!!!
by 😂😜 November 28, 2019
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(noun) A girl that is thicc with an hour glass-shape. She also has beatiful eyes, hair, short but don't forget her personality! She's smart, somewhat kind, (just don't make her angry ;) slightly socially awkward but when she's comfortable with you she's as out there as Pluto.
That girl's so perfect. She's thicc af and she has a legit personality. She's such a Lia, I want a girl like that.
by From2002itwasme January 28, 2018
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