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a horrible 'ska' band from elk grove, california. these guys are all fat and super disgusting.
is that flip the switch? yeah, they're fucking gross.
by Robert Appel June 20, 2004
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1. Making a girl shit by fucking her in the butt. When you go too deep it triggers a nerve and makes her lose control of her bowel.
Oh did you hear about the Smith brothers flipping her switch?
by RA RA RAWR November 19, 2009
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When a female breaks up with a long term boyfriend, and becomes hot and cute.
When I asked her why she was so cute, she said she just broke up with her boyfriend, I told her she just flipped the switch . Seriously she was amazing with the nose ring, the hat and those sunglasses. I wanted to pounce!
by A Switch Flipper September 7, 2007
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Flipping the On Switch is the act of going from lethargy to productivity, but more so in self-improvement than in other ventures, save for buisness. A mental tactic to change one's personality from simpering to being forthcoming and stalwart. Similar to the saying "Kicking it in Gear".
Guy 1: "Ben's performance in the last quarter was pretty bad, but look at him today, his sales are through the roof!"

Guy 2: "Yeap, he must have Flipped the On Switch"

"I really had issues, going from laziness and lieing, making everyone else do things for me and being an all out bum. Then I discovered Flipping the On Switch and I feel great, no laziness, all go-getting ability and nothing but the truth!"
by Yawrood June 16, 2009
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To turn off all emotions and feelings to protect yourself from getting hurt.

Vampire Diaries reference.
I was so hurt by you, but now i've flipped my humanity switch and don't feel a thing anymore!
by VampireDiariesLover September 12, 2015
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When you are very impressive about something! You´r flipping the switch!
I´m flipping the switch after her incredible freestyle routine at the Wind Games 2017!
by malditapsique February 16, 2017
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