v. To have a sudden and drastic change of heart.
I thought that chick was easy, but she flipped the switch on me and said she's waiting for marraige.
by keyshaw November 24, 2004
damn i’m so late, i need some dick to flip the switch
by lizk14 January 28, 2020
To execute someone by electrocution in an electric chair. Refers to the device by which electrical power is turned on or off.
They were going to flip the switch on the convicted murderer today.
by Naiad February 6, 2020
"Flip my switch" means to turn me on (make me hard) and start flippin (start fucking).
Yo baby girl, you tryna flip this switch tonight?
by KJOMATIC December 9, 2017
To lose control; freak out; become enraged and pissed off.
If that douche bag doesn't back up off my girl I am going to flip a swith!
by Slayerize May 10, 2005
When you are preforming anal sex and go a little to deep. This deep penetration may cause you to hit a special spot. When this spot is touched she will start defecating everywhere. When this happens you have flipped the switch.
"I was pounding this dumb dingy bitch when I flipped the switch. Shit got rugged."


"Dude, shut the fuck up or I'll flip your switch!"
by Kranus January 23, 2007