When you flex too hard on your poor friends with your AirPods
Person A "You didn't have to flex so hard with your airpods"
Person B "I feel flexy - if that's a word"
by butterbeer4lifev April 21, 2020
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a combination of fly and sexy.
Yo, Bizzy's outfit was really flexy tonight.
by J.Biz May 30, 2008
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combination of flex and sexy
when some one is or feels swole and sexy at the same time
1. "damn i feel flexy"

2. girl says to friend: "did you see jack today? he was looking so flexy"
by sexysnap January 21, 2014
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a flexi is an incredibly gifted female athlete who has extraordinary abilities of contortion, incredible power, amazing speed, extreme aggression, massive sex appeal and an exceptional physique.
holy hell, did you see that roller derby jammer? what a star-studded flexi!

when that flexi body slammed the other player, i thought it was all over.

if we had a whole team of flexis, we would annihilate those amazons.

serena williams is a total flexi.
by lustylove February 2, 2010
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Incredible flexibility that looks attractive

Yoga girls often get defined as this
She's super flexi!
by Yogafire12 June 2, 2017
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1. Workout-inspired selfie

2. Taking a photo of oneself before, during or post-workout; at the gym; while wearing gym clothes; while flexing

3. Shamelessly showing off your swole and toned self on social media
1. After my workout at Youfit Health Clubs, I was so swole I had to take a flexie to photograph my progress for all my peeps

2. I'm totally Instagraming that flexie! Double tap!

3. Check out my before and after flexie
by Youfit Health Clubs October 8, 2013
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A descriptive word used to describe someone with flexible morals.
"I've made flexy decisions but I'm learning"

"Steer clear of the tequila it makes you go flexy!"
by McwordZ May 15, 2015
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