1. The effect caused after a severe case of insomnia in which you collapse immediately and sleep.

2. Used to describe an extreme measure of sleep. Incidentally this closely relates to the term "you can sleep when you're dead."
I didn't want to go anywhere, I had terrible sleep and when I came home from school I flatlined on the bed.

Person A: Hey where's Adam?
Person B: He got shitfaced and flatlined somewhere in the kitchen.
by xKRASHx August 28, 2010
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The act of not responding to a text, email, chat, or message.
So I got this girl's number at a party, but when I texted her, she flatlined me.

The guy accepted me on facebook, but whenever I chat him he flatlines me
by partyrocklifestyle November 13, 2011
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To have intercourse with a person in a rough, physically hurtful manner to the point where their consciousness or life is in question. An exageration of having intercourse to the point of someone dying.
I flatlined that ass so hard she was crying.
by c0d1 January 28, 2011
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