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1. A contemporary phenomenon; the complete lack of output, input, production or consumption of a human being, usually a young adult and heavily dosed with technology, while conscious and feeling contentedness and comfort.

2. Staring at a screen of no importance for 10 or more minutes while having absolutely no thoughts or other brain activity. Or regrets.

3. Often observed by a confounded teacher not paying attention but also not actively thinking of anything else nor doing anything else either.

4. The doom of human productiveness and self worth.

5. (Google) fail to increase; remain static.

6. (Google) to die
That kid is flatlinging.

Stop flatlining and do something with your life.

It's really a problem, them kids that can flatline all the time and feel purpose in life.

He'd rather flatline than learn something.
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by Boris of Catan December 24, 2018
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When a person doesn't know hot to kiss and either 1) sits there with a limp, half-open mouth and slobers all over your face or 2) puckers up and is otherwise unresponsive.
Kev: Yo man, that girl Cheyanne totally flatlined me, ugh.
Acquaintance: Ew dude, I hate flatlining! What did you do then?
Kev: I dumped her, HA!
by futchkoleepoels October 24, 2015
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Seeking out death or just embarrassment... Either recklessly or purposefully.
"Oh No! This dude is flatlining. Ignore him."

Becky-, "This guy is hitting on me pretty hard. Should I give him my number?
Kelly-, "He might just be flatlining. Ask him what you told him your name was."
by Someguy1984 July 05, 2018
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