When a person doesn't know hot to kiss and either 1) sits there with a limp, half-open mouth and slobers all over your face or 2) puckers up and is otherwise unresponsive.
Kev: Yo man, that girl Cheyanne totally flatlined me, ugh.
Acquaintance: Ew dude, I hate flatlining! What did you do then?
Kev: I dumped her, HA!
by futchkoleepoels October 24, 2015
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Seeking out death or just embarrassment... Either recklessly or purposefully.
"Oh No! This dude is flatlining. Ignore him."

Becky-, "This guy is hitting on me pretty hard. Should I give him my number?
Kelly-, "He might just be flatlining. Ask him what you told him your name was."
by Someguy1984 July 05, 2018
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