where i'm from, a flatlander is the worst thing to be. its kind of like in california where the locals hate the tourists that come to surf, well in northern PA we hate people from jersey, pittsburgh, and philadelphia that come up to hunt deer. a flatlander usually, though not always, has zero respect for the land, the animals they're trying to hunt, and the locals that put up with them. some of them are nice guys that have a true love for hunting, but the majority of them come up to get drunk at the hunting camp, get into fights at the bar, and for the most part make people from northern PA wary of anything that has a funny accent.
TRUE STORY. A flatlander comes up to me after a day of hunting, he was in a field that was frequented by cows. ME:did you see anything ?
FLATLANDER: no but there are sure some big deer up here. the tracks are huge!!
ME: those are tracks left by cows.
by flatlandersareruiningoursport November 30, 2006
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Anyone who resides anywhere south of Maine, any area typically referred to as "Boston". Anyone driving a vehicle without a cracked windshield and working directionals. These people are typically middle class white folk from the suburbs of Boston, Hartford, NYC etc. Flatlanders are not to be confused with the masses of particular people streaming south from Quebec to Old Orchard Beach.
That flatlander from New Jersey just asked the mountain man, "At what age does a deer turn into a moose?"

The flatlander was standing there in cargo shorts and told the raft guide, "I can't go swimming right now, i don't have my bathing suit."
by flatlander.0 July 02, 2013
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A person from a lower elevation in the state of Pennsylvania who delights in visiting (or worse - moving to) higher elevations and ruining the culture, typically in the northcentral part of the state.

Flatlanders think that they can move to the hills, have babies, and the babies are therefore not flatlanders. If a cat crawls into your oven and has a litter, are the offspring cookies?
Go back to Philadelphia, you fucking flatlander.
by Gladnottobeone April 01, 2004
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a person who is so unaware of their surroundings they cannot even function in the world. These people are jokes in life and have no sense of style, coolness or anything of the sort.
Joe: Hey man do u wanna come over and read or something.

Kyle: Bro, are you kidding me, ur a complete flatlander
by tenth dimension March 22, 2009
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A term used by hicks in Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire to describe people who come from other states; usually a negative connotation used by hicks because they are envious that people from others states know how to make money and can't realize that you won't make cash worth a barrel of shit on a farm or a gas station out in the woods.
Flatlanders know how to live. Get a life, you damn hicks.
by idonthavaname September 23, 2006
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(In Off-roading) One who thinks they are the greatest off-road driver in the world by driving in wide open muddy cornfields and other flat mud holes. Used as an insult by jeep owners who prefer narrow mountainous trails containing rock obstacles to mud, or directed towards hummer owners.

Also known as mall crawlers.
I wish these damn flat landers would shut up, they don't know what they are talking about.
by das ungeheuer January 23, 2009
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