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Negative term used by countryfolk or other small-town citizens to describe non-native visitors that bring unwanted qualities of their hometown with them. It is often difficult for flatlanders to rid themselves of this label, even if they assimilate into the local culture.

This term can also be applied to a sudden and noticeable influx of non-native peoples into a larger town, state, or territory. These situations are often the result of a town/state/territory possessing natural beauty or resources.
Those goddamn flatlanders moved up from California to Oregon and ended up causing property taxes to rise.
by smalltowner April 22, 2010
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Sannieshof is a mall farming town situated in North West, South Africa. A town full of so called "eminent people" or stuck up people who will gossip about you behind your back and will waste R100 petrol to save R4 on a product. These people are very two-faced and would not mind to bad-mouth you behind your back after they pretend to be nice to you. These small town people are the worst kind.
I am going to Sannieshof to visit my grandmother.
by Smalltowner December 31, 2012
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