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To massage semen on someone's back until dry after penetration of said person's rectum.
"Don't you hate it when you're plowin a guy... and then you flather him and it dries all over your hands?"
by The Men In White Coats December 03, 2009
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Is a yorkshire name from nobleman derived from the watch making buisness.

They then emigrated southward in World War 1 when the men of the family became part of the Royal Marines. This tradition continued into the decades to come.

The most recent Flathers have moved on into Wales where they joined the noblest of the Welsh the James.

This family is known for is kind hearted nature but mind for its women who know what they want and how to get it.

The name Flather has come to be known as pride, powerful, kind and intelligent. There are some flathers known to be clumpsy and flap about but very funny.
King of all Kings, Flather.

Stop Flathering about.

Hes done a Flather!
by Molr'ik November 14, 2011
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