Reffering to a police lights which flash because of a person breaking the law while they observe it via police cruiser
the result of papparazi taking many pictures
a song by rapper Kanye West off of his recent album "Graduation"
"man, you gotta stop! there cops ar FLASHING LIGHTS!!!"

"those FLASHING LIGHTS are going straight to Tmz"

example of lyrics from flashing lights by kanye west

"I tried to hit you with the o wokie
Till I got flashed by the paparazzi
Dang these niggers got me
I hate these niggers more than nazis"
by Lodeman11 June 10, 2008
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A huge blunt. Resembles a flash light when it’s lit at the end
Damn bruh Danny really packed that mf up, thats a goddamn flash light
by iamthesenate July 3, 2019
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The result of a police officer pulling someone over for a traffic violation in Rhode Island. All the people in the state have to stop - not slow down, but fully stop - as they pass the vehicle that's been pulled over to see if it's someone they know. And thus, a single state trooper pulling over someone for speeding during rush hour can grind traffic on the interstate to a complete halt for more than fifteen minutes.
"My commute home should only take 20 minutes, but never takes less than an hour because of the Flashing-lights Brake-dance and the fact that people forget where the fuck Route 4 is every afternoon."
by JustAnotherGuy March 8, 2010
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signals the transaction of a drug deal.
"Let's Flash the Lights, so the drug dealer will know we're ready to make a deal."

Gob: Now, we wait.
George Michael: How long?
Gob: Who knows? An hour ... maybe five.
Derek: Drug delivery. You wanted some marijuana?
by G.O.B. and George Michael December 26, 2008
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