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A wokie is an individual who is woke, someone that emits higher grace and does not shy away from sharing his or her insights on the topic, regardless of the actual possession of said knowledge.
Sam: Hey Adam, how was cheese and wine last night with the alumni?

Adam: Those fedora tipsters are a bunch of wokies just after a few glasses. I had to down a bottle ahead of time just to keep up.
by seeleenotsillyonlyclee April 05, 2019
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when people want a cookie for acting woke
man to coworker: "I just think it's terrible that our boss didn't listen to your ideas because you're a woman. I once went to a seminar about this, and I would have done a much better job of listening to you."

coworker: "Would you like a wokie?"
by JMGA88 July 10, 2017
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one who is past the age of 16, but rides bikes to places.
"look at that guy riding that bike!"
"he looks like he's 19?"
"i know, he is such a wokie!"
by SigmundCaulfied January 17, 2010
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