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The superpower ability to float on water while engulfed in flames
Little did the evil Dr. Mordock realize that our hero was flamboyant! setting her on fire allowed her to safely float on water.
by Dr.Delicious November 15, 2009

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Urban slang used especially by members of the straight edge hardcore punk rock subculture. It has also spread to extreme sports enthusiasts.
"We're going to snowboard off the wings of a Cessna on to the peak of Mount Rainier. It'll be pussy awesome!"
by Dr.Delicious November 07, 2009

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Cool and/or sexy
"Want to go to the show?"
"Yeah! That band's gross!"
by Dr.Delicious November 10, 2009

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I would just like to clear up something for the intrepid writers of definitions of the word "faggot."

The pejorative word, "faggot," is not French, Latin, or Old English for "bundle of sticks". This word originated in the early 20th century (the earliest printed reference is 1914). There are several hypotheses as to its origin, but it not likely derived from the identically spelled word which means a bundle of sticks.

Furthermore, gay people were not burned alive with bundles of sticks in the Dark Ages, the Salem Witch Trials, or Nazi Germany. That is an urban myth.
When you read the endless, doubtless well-intentioned posts asserting that "faggot" comes from burning gay people at the stake, remember that this is an urban myth. In fact, a lot of the things people repeat as fact are fabricated memes that have become part of the zeitgeist.
by Dr.Delicious November 16, 2009

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