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A Flail is the two flaps of a womens vagina.
Jhon: damn dude when i did that chick she had the biggest flails!
by XXX_PANCAKE_NIPS July 15, 2011
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Victoria, BC
A person who degrades a situation. If someone is late they are flailing. Your chillin with your buds and one of them is a mooch and a complainer, they're a flail. Everyone shows up and the booze is already gone, that's a flail situation.
Kim hid my weed, sorry guys, she flailed us out.

Ben's coming? What a flail!
by WhiteyB Dragon December 13, 2009
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Man #1: Hey, so Katie, how long have you been pregnant?

Katie: What? I'm not pregnant?!

Man #2: Flail.
by WhatAFlail July 24, 2012
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Verb: bougee white boys do this when under duress, only if their safe-space is unavailable. Flailing uses a large portion of energy, and most white boys do not have enough to successfully even piss IN The toilet, as opposed to ON the toilet.
Billy began to flail as he realized in his reflection, he now had a dicky-do.
by Ve12itas June 26, 2017
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