someone who has done nothig but meth, not sleep and stare at a computer screen teching out for days in the dark. their eyeballs are popping out of there heads and look so beaty they could steal your soul, and are probably trying to to get more meth. because they have been in a dark room and up for days they forget they have a previous engagement and hurriedly rush out of their dark cavern looking like shit and flailed. they of course are convinced that they look absolutly awesome no matter what hideous outfit they have come up with.
wow, did that dude ever look flailed

holy shit i cant leave the house looking like a flailed out meth head, but im gonna
by stevie nikkks September 16, 2013
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To be extremely high on meth. To the point where the person is trying to take apart and put together working electronics/gadgets while having 6 conversations with different people at once and not accomplishing ANYTHING, generally resulting in at least 1 person getting very angry.
1)FLAIL out wit ya tail out
2)Went to the casino and FLAILED all my money off...
3)FLAILED so hard I took apart 3 different working phone chargers and turned em' into 1 fucked-up taped-up mess that don't work for shit...
4)These are the tales of our FLAILS...
by 1jiggyniggy October 17, 2012
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(new)origin, Vancouver, BC, Canada
from the word flail, to act with abandon. Has many meanings; losing something can be called flailed, running around like a chicken with your head cut off usually when high on drugs can be called flailing, someone going crazy would be called a flailer, flail would be a bunch of random stuff that a flailer has amassed. Can also refer to wasting time.
"Rob ran through the alleys digging through the dumpsters flailing the night away."
"Janna faliled her backpack in that alleyway over there!"
"Look at all those books, t-shirts and old newspapers, Devin has quite the pile of flail!"
by Crusty Flailer June 5, 2007
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1) To begin a, sometimes random and usually pointless task/project, with the full determination and intensity of perfection and completion. When high on crystal meth.
2) Spending an obscene amount of time on a task/project that usually would take no time at all to complete and/or would seem meaningless/pointless to someone else. When high on crystal meth
3) To answer someones question but not fully explaining what one was doing for a long period of time. When high on crystal meth
4) When going through a bin/basket/container full of anything to find what you are looking for; or for nothing in particular in hopes to find something useful. When high on crystal meth
1a) He was flailing with duct-tape and made a pouch to hold Q-Tips in.
1b) I spent all night flailing on the computer coming up with these definitions. (Hardly pointless)
2) John was flailing for 5 hours making something to hold up a book while he typed, even though he has a book holder.
3) "Holy crap, where were you for the last 3 hours?"
"I was flailing....well it sort of turned into a side-flail"
4) I found a box full of random cords and started flailing through it looking for something that might come in handy.
by Fez6911 May 22, 2010
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v. to flail
the act of hyper speed talking about one's fandom and/or obsession. Sqeeling, clapping, gasping, obsessive behavior dizziness, speechlessness and random dancing are all symptoms.
"Alyssa was flailing over X-Files last night.. even though she was still speechless from reading a Lisa Edelstein interview."

Mr. Martinez's class room had enough 'the Office' paraphanalia in it that Caity suspected he was a flailing fanboy in his spare time.
by theonlyink September 10, 2008
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To dance with crazy arm motions which is entertaining for both the viewer and performer!
She loves to flail at the Loop on Saturdays!
by sheat November 11, 2007
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The act of waving your hands and arms in the air, and "awing" when something cute happens, mostly done by women, which follows with the words "d'aaaw!" and "Awww!"
Boyfriend: I love you, more than anything in the world.
Girlfriend: I love you too!

Passerby: *flails* Awwww!
by pdoggoandedoggo June 28, 2011
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