Fake laugh that transcends into a gag. Mostly done to respond to really poor jokes or non- jokes.
This joke only deserves a flag.

A - What's that noise you're making?
B- I'm doing a flag.
by lostdragonwarrior November 03, 2017
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A bandana worn in the left rear pocket of the pants. These are usually worn by gangstas, rappers, and people who are influenced by rap music. I've only seen blue and white flags, although I'm sure there's red flags too (maybe even other colors as well). The white flag can be seen in Eminem's music video, 'Just Lose it', and the blue flag can be seen in Snoop Dogg's music video, 'Drop it Like it's Hot'. Snoop Dogg says that his blue flag signifies that he is a crip, so it seems reasonable that a blood would wear a red one. If anyone wants to correct me, then feel free to do so.

Skaters can also be seen wearing flags. They usually wear black or white ones (although the color probably doesn't matter for them), and theirs is neatly folded into a triangular shape and only about four inches of it stick out, whereas the gangsta/rapper/rap-influenced person practically lets the whole thing hang out.
"I keep a blue flag hanging out my backside, but only on the left side, yeah that's the crip side" -Snoop Dogg, Drop it Like its Hot
by wcgold May 22, 2005
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The bandana one group or gang will wear/rock/display to let others know who they run with.
Stupid kid and friend:Lets go snatch his bandana.
Blood gang member:Dont fuk around wit my flag....touch it and I'll crack u in the mouth!
by F.S June 27, 2005
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Gang colors. Some people say that if more than 50% of your clothing is red or blue, you're "throwin flags"

Most often people won't think you're in a gang unless you're wearing lots of red or blue along with a red or blue durag and hat.
"Niggas wearin flags cause da colors match their clothes/They get caught in the wrong hood and filled up wit holes muthafucka" - 50 Cent
by rsabowski December 04, 2003
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"naaah - it'll be crap - let's flag it. "
by angela June 06, 2003
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Word used for stamps in Prison. (i.e. a flag is often pictured on a stamp)
I'll give you 5 flags for the old issue of Buttman.
by Chris to the Izz-H December 22, 2007
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(v) To pull another person's pants down.
"Go flag Steven! Let's see if he's wearing silk boxers!"
by PenguinPants November 01, 2004
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