A 'Flag' is a proverbial claim made by a male when he has had sexual interactions in a particular way with a female and that female has not had or experienced that particular act/position before with any other male.
Man, that dude is going to struggle to place flags on El, we boned in every way, shape and form possible.

Man, that guy is going to have to stoop to some borderline degenerate actions to claim flags on that girl.

I feel good man, I have totally flagged that girl. short of cumming in her ear while fingering her ass.. he is gonna struggle to lay flags.
by Themanwhoflagged February 15, 2013
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A New Era Cap.
Its not a cap its a flag!
Hey homie i love your new flag!where did u buy it?!
by Bรคlzi July 05, 2007
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1.)When the game you're playing lags, this is what you say.
2.) Abbreviation for "fucking-lag"
"Damn my game lagged up! F-lag!"
by Neoni August 25, 2006
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Scientology training center located in Clearwater, FL at the Ft. Harrison. One of the 'religions' head offices.
Im getting auditing at Flag
by Xen0n June 23, 2005
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my homies back in da hood came up with this shit. It is the paper with which you roll your weed up in.
Damn, i ran out of flags, pop me another.
by Gangsta December 13, 2004
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